Welcome Sweet Springtime is a centuries old song that was occasionally mentioned or heard in The Andy Griffith Show. It was known as "Good ol' 14A", most likely do to the fact that 14A was the sheet music for the song.

Biography of the songEdit

Voices of the Woods, also known as Welcome Sweet Springtime, was composed in 1884 by Michael Watson; the lyricist is unknown. This melody was later adapted to Rubinstein's Melody In F.


Welcome sweet springtime,
We greet thee in song.
Murmurs of gladness,
Fall on the ear.

Voices long hushed
Now their full notes prolong,
Echoing far and near.

Sunshine now wakens
The flow'rets from sleep.
Joy-giving incense
Floats on the air.

Snowdrop and primrose
Both timidly peep,
Hailing the glad new year.

Balmy and life-giving breezes are blowing,
Swiftly to nature new vigor bestowing.
Ah, how my heart beats with rapture anew,
As earth's fairest beauties again meet my view.

Sing then, ye birds, raise your voices on high.
Flow'rets awake ye, burst into bloom.
For springtime has come and sweet summer is nigh.
Sing then, ye birds, O sing.


  • First heard on TAGS in the episode Barney and the Choir.
  • In the made for TV movie, Return to Mayberry, Andy and Barney are reminiscing on the front porch when "Good ol' 14A" can be heard in the distance.


Barney and the Choir-0

Barney and the Choir-0

Barney singing off key to Welcome Sweet Springtime