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Walter Baldwin (January 2, 1889 - January 27, 1977) appeared in one episode of The Andy Griffith Show. His film appearances include The Secret of Dr. Kildare, Angels over Broadway, Arizona, The Devil and Daniel Webster, They Died with Their Boots On, King's Row, In This Our Life, For Me and My Gal, Since You Went Away, Wilson, I'll Be Seeing You, State Fair, The Lost Weekend, Abilene Town, Dragonwyck, Sister Kenny, The Best Years of Our Lives, The Perfect Marriage, Mourning becomes Electra, Albuquerque, On Our Merry Way, Return of the Bad Men, The Man from Colorado, Rachel and the Stranger, Come to the Stable, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Long Long Trailer, Interrupted Melody, The Desperate Hours, The Fastest Gun Alive, Wild in the Country, Cheyenne Autumn and Rosemary's Baby. He also played the recurring character of Grandpappy Miller on "Green Acres".


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

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