Wally's Filling Station

Wallys service station 1024

Wally Stoner

Notable visitors
Many strangers passing through as well as Mayberry residents.

Wally's Filling Station was the only gas and automotive station in Mayberry (although one is mentioned in "Stranger in Town" and another is mentioned in "The Loaded Goat"). Mayor Roy Stoner's brother is the owner of the gas station in "The Loaded Goat" episode. Andy and Barney would stop by for a bottle of pop, and on occasion Opie would stop by to get air in his bicycle tires. Water and air is free, but they do charge for gas. In the episode A Black Day for Mayberry the gasoline pumps have ACME Gasoline signs on them. Another episode has the pumps with "Premium Gasoline" signs on them [See gallery]. The filling station had minor thefts through-out the years. In Gomer Pyle USMC episode Crazy Legs Gomer Pyle says he had to run 1 mile from the filling station to the Mayberry Vol Fire Dept. In the movie Return to Mayberry Mayberry's filling station was named "G & G" ["Goober and Gomer Pyle] Filling Station"



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