Not my favorite episode, but see what you think. I was proud of the way Opie stood up for his Pa, he had a right too! Captain Barker is like some people, judging you for what you look like and act like, not for who you are. Thankfully, he learned his lesson at the end! I also like how Andy made Captain Barker annoyed and irritated, not a lot, but just enough to make Barker seem not as capable and smart as he looked!

Andy has very good thinking and intellectual skills, being able to surmise that Dirkson was in Emma's house. The little conversation between Emma and Andy was comical, with her faces.

I do think Barney was a very extreme, checking everybody on his roadblock, even his "mother"! In later episodes, he is very jumpy and extreme, but this seemed over-the-top!

Interesting episode. However, for some reason, I can't put this episode on my favorites list!


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