New housekeeper2

Well, right from the start, I have to say...very well done for the first episode!

Opie has to learn a lesson that is important for all of us. Learning to adapt to change and learning to accept new people is hard for some, and easy for others. With me, this is a lesson I need to learn more often!

The wedding scene at the beginning had me in stitches, and I love when Opie almost throws the box of rice! "Not the box, Opie, just the contents!"

I was touched at the end where Opie runs out to Aunt Bee and tells her she needs him. Aww!

However, I do think Opie also needs a lesson in obedience to his "Pa". Being told many times to "hush up" isn't being a very good role model, especially for children his age who watch. Now, I understand it is funny and played for laughs, and I admit, I laughed at it. Opie is also a bit rude to Rose. And I notice that many times the characters lie to one another. Such as Andy telling Opie that Aunt Bee is a great fisher, as well as Opie and his bird, saying the bird ate all the food. Of course, we and Andy both know it isn't true, so...

Well, hope you enjoy my first episode review, leave a comment telling me what you think! Bye!


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