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Tom Jacobs is the brother of Danny Thomas who appears as an extra in at least 60 episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, frequently seen wearing a white hat. He also appeared on "Make Room for Daddy".


Tom Jacobs is the brother of Danny Thomas. To pay homage to him, he used the stage name of "Tom".


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

10/10/1960    "The Manhunt"
10/17/1960    "The Guitar Player"
10/31/1960    "Irresistible Andy"
12/26/1960    "Stranger in Town"
12/19/1960    "The Christmas Story"
12/12/1960    "Ellie for Council"
01/02/1961    "Mayberry Goes Hollywood"
01/16/1961    "Those Gossipin' Men"
02/06/1961    "Andy the Marriage Counselor"
01/23/1961    "The Beauty Contest"
03/06/1961    "Cyrano Andy"
03/27/1961    "The New Doctor"
04/24/1961    "Andy Forecloses"
05/01/1961    "Quiet Sam"
05/08/1961    "Barney Gets His Man"
10/09/1961    "Barney's Replacement"
10/16/1961    "Andy and the Woman Speeder"
10/23/1961    "Mayberry Goes Bankrupt"
11/20/1961    "Crime-free Mayberry"
12/18/1961    "The Pickle Story"
12/25/1961    "Sheriff Barney"
01/01/1962    "The Farmer Takes a Wife"
02/26/1962    "Guest of Honor"
04/02/1962    "Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee"
04/09/1962    "Three's a Crowd"
04/16/1962    "The Bookie Barber"
04/30/1962    "Cousin Virgil"
11/05/1962    "Barney Mends a Broken Heart"
11/19/1962    "The Mayberry Band"
11/12/1962    "Lawman Barney"
12/24/1962    "The Bank Job"
01/28/1963    "The Loaded Goat"
02/11/1963    "Rafe Hollister Sings"
03/11/1963    "Aunt Bee's Medicine Man"
04/15/1963    "A Wife for Andy"
04/22/1963    "Dogs Dogs Dogs"
10/28/1963    "Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee"
11/04/1963    "Gomer the House Guest"
10/07/1963    "The Haunted House"
10/14/1963    "Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army"
10/21/1963    "Sermon for Today"
11/11/1963    "A Black Day for Mayberry"
12/16/1963    "Citizen's Arrest"
01/06/1964    "Barney and the Cave Rescue"
01/20/1964    "Aunt Bee the Crusader"
01/27/1964    "Barney's Sidecar"
02/03/1964    "My Fair Ernest T. Bass"
03/02/1964    "The Shoplifters"
03/16/1964    "Andy Saves Gomer"
04/06/1964    "A Deal is a Deal"
04/13/1964    "The Fun Girls"
11/16/1964    "Opie's Fortune"
12/14/1964    "Andy and Helen Have Their Day"
12/28/1964    "Otis Sues the County"
12/21/1964    "Three Wishes for Opie"
01/11/1965    "Goober Takes a Car Apart"
02/08/1965    "Barney Runs for Sheriff"
04/05/1965    "Arrest of the Fun Girls"
04/12/1965    "The Luck of Newton Monroe"
04/26/1965    "Opie and the Carnival"