Third Finger, Left Loaf

Third Finger, Left Loaf

Original airdate
24 Sep. 1965
Directed by
Written by


PFC. Purcel is getting married, & has named none other than our beloved PFC. Gomer Pyle as the best man for the wedding, so naturally disaster will ensue. His Grandmother has sent him her wedding ring, & he gives it to Gomer to take care of until the wedding. While practicing on the mine detection, Purcel thinks that he has lost the wedding ring.[ I.e Gomer and Purcel wear the wrong jackets!]. Then Gomer wears the ring on his pinkie finger and cant get it off and ruins the Inspection for the Platoon! While they are assigned to Staff Sergeant Charley Hacker in the mess hall, they then lose the ring while making bread for the base, Camp Henderson. So they enlist Gunnery Sergeant Vince Carter, who they wake up late at night, much to his chagrin. They then go get Lieutenant Peterson and then to Colonel Gray, and head to the mess hall and use a metal detector to scan over 600 loaves of bread. After looking through all the loaves of bread, they find the ring in Gomer's back pocket of all places. At the wedding, the ring is stuck on Gomers finger again.


First appearance of Allan Melvin as Mess Sgt Charley Hacker. One goof is Hacker saying he's been cooking for 16 1949 although in a later episode he was cooking during the Battle of Iwa Jima [1945]

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