Original Airdate

March 4, 1968


Howards mother informs him that she's getting married and moving to Mt. Pilot, leaving the house they currently live in to Howard. He then procedes to turn it into a cheesy bachelor pad complete with hanging beaded curtains in the doorways, floor pillows, bearskin rug, etc. The only problem is that Andy is the only one that has a girl to bring over and poor Helen is stuck dancing with all the guys all night long.


Since Emmett's married, Howard tells him its for singles only.

Apparently we were never informed that Millie and Flora are no longer dating Howard and Goober as they are seen in this episode scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find dates with no success. Before Andy and the guys show up at Howards new bachelor pad, Howard is seen strutting accross the room and lowers the lights down with his newly installed dimmer switch, (which is aparrently something people in 1960's mayberry has never heard of before lol) and he looks towards the camera and talks to it as though he's talking to a girl and says something to the effect of "This light's too bright for your pretty eyes my dear".  He almost looks and sounds like he's trying to immitate Clark Gable, but what it reminds me of the most is Christopher Walken when he did all those Saturday night live skits: "The Continental". Hilarious!



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