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The Taylors in Hollywood


Original Airdate
November 1, 1965
Directed by
Written by


The Taylors start an exciting vacation in Hollywood, including a visit to the set of a movie based on Andy's life, "Sheriff Without a Gun".


A funny spoof/satire of Hollywood's version of reality vs reality!


In season 1: "Mayberry goes to Hollywood" Barney told Andy a story while cleaning inside one of the jail cells, and describes in great detail about how someone from Mayberry named Gordon Bellfield went to Hollywood once and took one of those guided tours that took you past the stars houses and how they got off the bus and the woman that was sitting next to them on the bus picked up Gary Coopers newspaper and got told by Cooper's maid to get off the grass. This is the exact same events that occurred in this episode. The only difference is in this episode it was Andy Opie and Bee and the house belonged to Cesar Romero.



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