The Return of Malcolm Merriweather


Original airdate
April 20, 1964


Aunt Bee feels unneeded when Malcom Merriweather pays a visit.


Bernard Fox reprises his role of Malcolm Merriweather when he passes through Mayberry and is enlisted to help at the Taylor House in order to give Aunt Bee a break from her regular workload. The plan backfires when Aunt Bee, feeling useless with nothing to do, becomes listless and takes to bed sick. Malcolm realizes what has happened and gets himself fired by pretending to be drunk on cooking sherry.



Barney: We've got an English Otis on our hands!

Barney: Well, where's Aunt Bee with lunch? She's usually here and gone by now.
Andy: She's a little late.
Barney: Well, I'm hungry, Ange.
Andy: She'll be along in a few minutes. Relax.
Barney: Well, I happen to have this low sugar blood content, and if I don't get my lunch by noon then I get a headache and I'm no good to anybody.
Andy: A few minutes one way or the other shouldn't make any difference.
Barney: Well, it does to me. I've got a clock in my stomach.
Andy: You must have.
Barney: I go by that clock, too. Tick, tock. I know it's time for lunch. Tick, Tick. I know it's time for dinner. My mother was the same way.
Andy: I remember that about your mother.


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