The Rehabilitation of Otis


Original airdate
January 18, 1965


Barney tries to rehabilitate Otis after he rides a cow, thinking it is a horse. Barney arrests Otis when it happens again, even using handcuffs. Otis leaves town and vows to never return.


When Otis shows up drunker than he has ever been - riding a cow no less - Barney decides that he will take it upon himself to try to reform Mayberry's town drunk. Andy begs him not to, but Barney has recently read a article about psychology and is convinced that he's the man for the job. Soon he is administering tests and asking Otis all kinds of questions but to no avail. When they find him drunk yet again, Barney feels betrayed and actually handcuffs Otis and runs him in.

Insulted, Otis decides that he's going to take his business elsewhere and use a different jail to sleep it off. Andy and Barney goes to Floyd's Barbershop to see Floyd and he tells them that Otis asked to be shaved twice over because he was going to Mount Pilot, so they go to try to talk him into returning to Mayberry.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode features only the second time in the series where the left courthouse door is shown open. In this circumstance, both doors need to be opened to allow Otis and the cow to make their comedic entrance.
  • The cow Otis rides in to town on (which he thinks is a horse) was purchased by Otis for $20 from Old Man Davis.

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