The Perfect Female

The Perfect Female 11

Original airdate
November 27, 1961
Directed by
Written by


When Thelma Lou's attractive cousin, Karen, comes to town, Thelma and Barney scheme to get her and Andy together.


Barney and Thelma Lou decide to play matchmaker for Andy and her visiting cousin Karen Moore. They don't have much trouble as Andy and Karen soon hit it off. In fact they have a lot in common including shooting, music and singing. Barney puts his foot in it as usual when he tells Thelma Lou that Andy has checked Karen out and makes it sound like she's a commodity to be purchased. Thinking that Andy is as crude as Barney makes him out to be, she decides to teach him a lesson at the annual skeet shooting competition. Karen is a champion skeet shooter, a fact that Andy nor Barney know about. Karen ends up winning the competition; putting Andy in his place.


Andy Taylor: (to Karen) "Do you think we should get married before or after the coffee?"

Barney Fife: "Well, what happened after you had the coffee?"
Andy Taylor: "We got married."
Barney Fife: "Oh, good! I knew you two...YOU GOT MARRIED?!"

Barney Fife: <to Andy> "You're real funny. You should go on the radio for an all-night disc jockey! At least then I could turn you off!"


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