The New Doctor


Original airdate
March 27, 1961
Directed by
Written by


Andy must make a hasty, ill-advised marriage proposal to Ellie Walker after he comes convinced that the new, handsome young doctor in town is trying to steal his girl.


After a considerable amount of prodding from Barney, Andy's suspicions are aroused when Ellie seems to be spending a lot of time with Mayberry's new Doctor. The inevitable relationship between the town doctor and the town druggist doesn't quite sit well with Andy. After joining Andy and Ellie on their date, Barney decides to get to the bottom of the situation. His attention is quickly sidetracked when the new doctor diagnoses Barn with a vitamin deficiency. Determined to fight for his girl, Andy inadvertently proposes to Ellie. He then discovers that that the new doctor is engaged to be married. Ellie lets Andy off the hook, and they both agree to proceed slowly in their relationship.



Barney: Two young people lost in a world of pills.


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