"You call it superstition. I call it caution."
The Lucky Letter

The Lucky Letter095

Original Airdate
January 25, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Barney regrets throwing away a chain letter.


When Barney receives a chain letter, from Floyd his immediate thought is to pass it on and not break the chain, since it's supposed to bring bad luck if you do break the cycle. After Andy teases him however for being so superstitious, which he vehemently denies, he just throws it out. Soon however, Barney is facing one unfortunate event after another: a truck runs over his foot, he backs the squad car into another vehicle; and he has a big fight with Thelma Lou. His biggest worry however is that he will soon have to re-qualify on the police shooting range with all that it implies for keeping his job, so he sets off to the local dump desperate to find the letter. As usual, Andy helps him out.


  • Once Barney starts having "bad luck" any time the letter or luck is mentioned there is a rapid beeping sound in the sound track of this episode. This was probably meant to act in a subliminal way; either as an implication of menace, or just to irritate and thereby induce emotion.
  • Andy refers to Three Wishes for Opie in this episode.

•The Mayberrian who runs over Barney's foot is named Norbert.

  • Goober says he sent one of his chain letters to Gomer in the Marines which is one of the few times (if not the only time) he is mentioned after leaving for the marines.
  • In the final segment, the audio of Barney yelling in the street is just a replay from the original scene earlier in the episode.


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