The Luck of Newton Monroe


Original Airdate
April 12, 1965
Written by
Directed by


A new man in town is an oaf.


Newton Monroe is a traveling salesman who sells whatever he can get a good deal on out of the trunk of his car. Andy is concerned at first that he's selling stolen goods but he's legitimate, if somewhat unlucky. Soon everything he's been selling starts to break down: Goober's transistor radio, Floyd's watch and the fox fur Barney bought for Thelma Lou is losing its fur in large clumps. Barney runs him in for peddling his wares without a permit and decides to keep him working around the courthouse. Problem is, almost everything he touches turns into a minor disaster. Andy decides that Newton needs a bit of confidence building and gives him the task of painting his house. The result are in keeping with Newton's past experiences.


  • In a continuity blooper, Andy and Barney confront Newton about defective merchandise. The master shot of the confrontation shows Andy, Barney, and Newton standing in front of Dave's Coffee Shop but the medium shots and closeups place the three in front of a jewelry store.
  • This episode is very much like Cousin Virgil, & Caution: Low Overhead from Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (series).
  • The covering up of Floyd walking, due to Howard Mcneer's stroke, is used in this episode. Floyd is only shown starting to get up before cutting to another scene.
  • The watch Floyd buys from Newton costs him $8.98.
  • The fur Barney buys from Newton costs $13.25.
  • While Goober is listening to the radio he bought from Newton (price never referenced), Goober mentioned that Raleigh was 60 miles from Mayberry. The distance from Mount Airy to Raleigh is 139 miles.


Newton Munroe: Sheriff, you gave me the confidence I needed! I found out I'm not inept! I'm ept!

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