The Lodge


Original Airdate
September 19, 1966
Directed by
Written by


Goober blackballs Howard when he applies for membership in the Mayberry men's lodge.


Andy visits Howard Sprague in his office and they have a cup of coffee. Andy talks about The Lodge Club and Howard decides to join. However, his mother comes and doesn't want Howard to join the club. That night at the meeting, Howard has a good time. The next day, he tells his mother that he is going to get into the club unless he gets a blackball, so she tells a lie to Goober that Howard's father got addicted to playing cards and then leaves. Then, at the vote that night, Howard gets all white except for Goober's blackball. At the next meeting, Andy wants to bring Howard in for a little while but when Goober finds out they are playing cards he rushes in and tries to hide them all. Later Goober explains it and Howard says it wasn't true. So the blackball gets removed and Howard is a member of the club - ironically, however, he becomes addicted to cards just like his father in Mrs. Sprague's story.


  • The secret password at the lodge is "Geronimo."
  • Jud Fletcher is Secretary of the Lodge
  • Andy accidentally calls Jud "Burt" when he leaves the lodge.



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