The Loaded Goat


Original airdate
January 28, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Andy and Barney devise a plan to save a dynamite-eating goat.


Cy Hudgins brings his goat Jimmy to town for one day, and Jimmy gets himself "loaded" on a cache of dynamite. Faced with the menace of a goat who could go "blooie" at any moment, Andy and Barney have to figure a way of getting him out of town. Music soothes this savage goat, as he follows Barney out beyond the city limits while playing his harmonica.


  • The construction crew's blasting engineer claims the goat could possibly explode if he falls down, after having eaten dynamite. Dynamite needs something to set it off, like blasting caps with a lit fuse or an electrical charge.
  • A connunity error is that the Mayor office is right above the Sherriff's office on the ground floor; however the only stairway ever seen in the courthouse is the fire escape leading to the roof!
  • A hint is given that one reason for the new highway construction is that it will take more customers by the local filling station-which is owned by the Mayor's brother! {Wally?}
  • This episode was voted one of the top 10 fan favorite episodes.


Barney: "That's right, nothing to worry about. No sense gettin' in a panic. Just stay calm..and cool....THERE HE GOES!!"


Behind the ScenesEdit

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