The Inspector

The inspector

Original airdate
April 10, 1961
Directed by
Written by


When a state inspector arrives in Mayberry to check the jail and Courthouse , Andy and Barney are shocked to discover he's a by-the-book stickler for rules and regulations. Things look shaky until Andy is able to demonstrate the "Mayberry way" of fighting crime.


After receiving a notice in the mail that a state police inspector, Ralph Case, will conduct a routine inspection in Mayberry, Barney immediately proceeds to get the jail in apple pie order. However, Andy doesn't feel the same urgency since the state inspector is an old friend and fishing buddy of his and that the inspection itself is usually nothing more than a formality. However, trouble begins when the inspector shows up and it's not Andy's friend at all, but a new, harsh, examiner. Within minutes of his arrival, he finds numerous violations, including a drunk Otis. When Andy shows up, he doesn't take the inspector or his threats seriously. The inspector is convinced he has enough evidence to have Andy removed from office. He calls his supervisor so he can come to Mayberry and see for himself. Shortly before the supervisor arrives, Andy is called out to deal with a shooter. Andy sets out to do his duty, with the inspector observing. However, the inspector in convinced that Andy in unqualified and tries to summon help. As his supervisor arrives, they both witness Andy apprehend the shooter without anyone being injured. After seeing Andy's bravery, the inspector realizes that his accusations of insubordination will not hold up, and that despite outward appearances, Andy is perfectly capable of doing his job.


  • Otis Campbell celebrates his birthday (with 9 candles on the cake) in this episode.
  • Barney plays checkers against himself in this episode. He also enjoys playing parchessi and casino by himself. Andy would love to see Barney play a game of ping-pong by himself.
  • Andy and Barney receive a package from the Hubacher brothers. Andy receives a wallet and Barney gets a leather bookmark. The letter says that Elmer Hubacher had been out on parole but ended up back in prison.
  • This show illustrates big-city procedures vs. down home country common sense. This would be one of the series' more popular themes. Andy's simple, common sense approach is again proved to be the way to go.
  • Jack Prince, who plays Luke in this episode, goes on to play Rafe Hollister later in the series.




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