The Foster Lady


Original Airdate
March 21, 1966
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee almost becomes a star of a television commercial before she decides stardom is not for her.



  • Goober's service station's telephone number is given as 363.
  • Real-life staffers from The Andy Griffith Show - hair stylist Eva Kryger, director of photography Sid Hickox, and crewman Burt Taylor - appear as part of the commercial crew.
  • Robert Emhardt appeared as Malcolm Tucker in "Man in a Hurry" (Season 3, Episode 16).
  • Andy admits to coming home for lunch "just about" every day, although in many early episodes, Aunt Bee brings lunch to the courthouse for Andy and Barney Fife.



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The County Clerk Goober's Replacement

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