The Farmer Takes a Wife


Original airdate
January 1, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Jeff Pruitt, a farmer from the hills, comes to Mayberry in search of a wife. He expects to spend a single afternoon on his search. He enlists Barney and Andy's help.


Jeff Pruitt comes to Mayberry in search for a bride. Opie walks into the courthouse and tells Andy that he saw Jeff Pruitt standing on the corner, & "Picking up Girls", Andy and Barney investigate. They soon realize it is Jeff. Willing to help, they clean him up, teach him proper etiquette, and prepare him for a party of eligible women. Jeff finally spots a woman he likes; however to Barney's dismay, it is Thelma Lou.


  • As Andy and Jeff arrive at Carroll's, a customer is seen exiting the store. This is Andy Griffith's real-life father, Carl, making a cameo appearance in the series.
  • Alan Hale, Jr repeatedly calls Barney his "Li'l Buddy", a sobriquet his character of the Skipper regularly uses to address Gilligan in Gilligan's Island


Jeff: "Thelma Lou you're juicier than a barrel full of corn squeezins!"


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