The Family Visit


Original airdate
October 5, 1964
Directed by
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The Taylors find that a visit from relatives comes with complications.


Aunt Bee invites her sister Nora and brother-in-law Ollie for a visit. They show up with their rotten kids, and Andy tries his best to act pleasantly. Ollie pushes Andy to the limit when, after keeping him awake all night, he insults a citizen and then takes the squad car fishing. Ollie hears a report of an escaped convict on the loose and then brags that he would like to get his hands on the crooks. Andy plots to call his bluff. Andy phones Ollie from the courthouse and tells him the criminal has been spotted near Mayberry. Andy says that he will pick up Ollie and take him on the manhunt. Within seconds, Ollie, Nora, and the kids are packed and gone.


  • This the only episode we meet Opie's cousins.
  • This is the only episode we meet Aunt Bee's sister, Nora. Her other sister was never seen throughout the series.
  • Don Knotts doesn't appear in this episode.
  • This episode reunites as guest stars James Westerfeld and Forrest Lewis. Together they played the confused police officers Hanson and Kelly in the Disney movies The Shaggy Dog, The Absent Minded Professor and Son of Flubber.
  • At Andy's house the report comes over radio that 3 members of a gang had escaped from prison. Later, when Andy is at the Court House and receives the call saying they had been caught, he comments that they "caught 'both' of them". He then calls Uncle Ollie and mentions the 2 escaped convicts they heard about on the radio.
  • The radio broadcast is made by Howard Morris.
  • The music before the radio broadcast was used several times in The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Uncle Ollie drives a Crown Victoria.


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