The Darlings Are Coming


Original airdate
March 18, 1963
Directed by
Written by


The musical mountain family descends upon Mayberry.


This episode introduced the Darling family, a fun loving and musical family from the Mountains. Led by Briscoe Darling, the clan comes to town to meet the bus carrying Charlene's beloved PFC Dudley A Wash. Though they tend to get themselves into trouble, Andy tried his best to look the other way.


  • The only lines ever spoken by The Darling Boys occur in the jail scene. Dean Webb can be heard to say "About to pop" and Jebbin says "Great beans, Aunt Bee".
  • This episode was voted one of the top 10 fan favorite episodes.
  • A wire (presumably for a microphone) can be seen coming from the bottom of Andy's trouser leg in the opening scene as he approaches the Darling's truck.
  • First appearance of The Darlings.
  • The inscription on the trough reads: DAVID MENDELBRIGHT 1870-1933/LET NO HORSE GO THIRSTY HERE.


  • The songs in this episode are in order:
  • "Old Joseph"
  • "Doug's Tune" (called "Slimy River Bottom" in this episode.)
  • "Dooley"
  • "Cold Trailin'"
  • "Hickory Hollow"
  • "Banjo In The Hollow" (called "Tearin Up Your Old Clothes For Rags" in this episode)
  • "Salty Dog" (cut out in syndication)
  • "Cindy" (cut out in syndication)


Andy: Mind if I play along with you?
Briscoe: I didn't know you strang!
Andy: A little. What key?
Briscoe: Just jump in where you can and hang on!

Andy: Goodnight, Mr. Darling.
Briscoe: More power to you.


Behind the ScenesEdit

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Aunt Bee's Medicine Man Andy's English Valet

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