The Darlings
Full Name The Darling Family
First Episode The Darlings Are Coming
Last Episode The Darling Fortune
Spin-off Appearances Return to Mayberry
Family Dud Wash (Charlene's husband)
Spouse Dud Wash (Charlene)
Romances Aunt Bee Taylor (Briscoe)
Dud Wash (Charlene)
Ernest T. Bass (Charlene)
Helen Crump (Darling Boys)
Children Andelina Wash (Charlene's daughter)
Portrayed by Denver Pyle
Maggie Peterson
Doug Dillard
Rodney Dillard
Dean Webb
Mitch Jayne

The Darlings are a family from the mountains who occasionally visit Mayberry.

Briscoe DarlingEdit

Briscoe Darling is the patriarch of the Darling family. He is a jug-playing mountain man who visits the town of Mayberry with his family in six episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and in the TV movie Return to Mayberry. He is the father of four sons, The Darling Boys, who never speak unless they are singing in their family band, and of the very talkative Charlene Darling.

Charlene DarlingEdit

Charlene Darling is the daughter of Briscoe. She is very out-going and has a crush on Andy Taylor. She is very superstitious, and loves to sing - except for songs that make her cry. She is married to Dud Wash, and has a daughter named Andelina Wash. She has to push off advances from a wooing Ernest T. Bass.

The Darling BoysEdit

The Darling Boys (Doug, Rodney, Dean and Mitch) are never big on words, but love to play music.

Image GalleryEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Family treeEdit

                               Briscoe Darling + Mrs. Darling†
  Doug Darling____Rodney Darling___Charlene Darling___Dean Darling___Mitch Darling
                                      Dud Wash†
                                    Andelina Wash


  • : died
  • __: sibling
  • |:children
  • +: married


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Reunion SpecialEdit



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