The Darling Fortune


Original Airdate
October 17, 1966
Directed by
Written by
"Salty Dog" performed by Charlene Darling and The Darling Boys
"There Is a Time" performed by The Darling Boys


Andy and the town of Mayberry undergo a trying experience when the hillbilly The Darlings family comes into a fortune of $300 and shows up in town looking for brides for the boys.


After having sold some land for $300, Briscoe Darling brings his family to town to look for brides for his four boys. As they are about to give up, they see The Omen of the Owl, meaning that the next woman they see, in this case Helen Crump, is the predestined bride. Andy has Goober hide in a tree to manipulate a taxidermed owl. Briscoe sees it, recognizes it as the counter-omen, and the Darlings head back to the hills.


  • No mention is made as to whether Charlene is still married to Dud Wash, or the whereabouts of her daughter, Andelina.
  • This is the final appearance of Briscoe Darling, the Darling boys and Charlene.
  • Ron Howard does not appear in this episode, however, he appears in the promotional picture that goes with it.
  • Briscoe refers to Goober as "Big Ears" because he is nosy.



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