The Bookie Barber


Original airdate
April 16, 1962
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When business gets too hectic, Floyd hires a second barber who turns out to be a bookie. Barney goes undercover as an old lady to catch them.


Floyd the barber is overworked so when Bill Medwin walks into the shop looking for a job, he sees an opportunity. Andy encourages him to hire Medwin and accomplish his dream of having a two chair shop. He does and is amazed with an even greater increase in business, now from 'out-of-towners'. Andy becomes suspicious when he sees the same men going in to the shop everyday but it's information from the town's telephone exchange operator that makes him realize exactly what is going on: Bill Medwin is a bookie and the men who visit him are delivering the days collections from various betting offices. Barney decides to go undercover dressed as an old lady to get the goods on the criminals.


  • Although Floyd laments numerous times about having a "Two Chair Shop" this is the one and only time that Floyd's ever sports two barber's chairs.
  • This is the first time Barney dresses up as a woman. He did this again in The Bank Job.
  • When Barney first comes out of the courthouse dressed as a woman, his dress has lace, a diamond pin, and very few dots printed on the fabric. When he starts walking down the street, the dress doesn't have the lace, diamond pin, and now has big flowers on the fabric.
  • Before Barney dresses as an old lady, Andy mentions having to leave to go to Stewart Simmons’ place in Triplett. There is an actual town in North Carolina named Triplett that is 85 Miles from Mount Airy.


Andy:You can put a sign in the window, Two Chairs, No Waiting.
Floyd: Yeah. And I got the magazines to swing it!

(Barney complaining to Andy about lopsided sideburns)
Barney: Andy take a look at this.
Andy: Look at what?
Barney: Cant ya see, they ain't even.
Andy: Well I'll be dogged, you're right.
Barney: I knew it, I told him
Andy: One ear IS longer than the other.
Barney: You're almost as funny as Floyd, you know that?
Why don't you two team up and call yourselves "frick and frack"!

Opie: “It is too Joey!”
Joey: “It is not you’re crazy!”
Opie: “I betcha! I betcha that’s Barney! Barney? It is Barney!! See Joey! Whatcha’ doing Barney? Trick or Treat?”
Joey: “You sure do look funny Barney.”
Opie: “He looks like Ms. Cox from the 2nd grade don’t he!!?”


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