"All right, shakedown!!"
The Big House


Original airdate
May 6, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Barney's hands are full when his prisoners escape.


Two escapees are held temporarily in the Mayberry Jail while the feds wait for their partners to arrive. Gomer is deputized to help Barney out, but between the two of them, the criminals manage to escape three times. At one point Barney even puts Gomer on the roof as a look out. The last time the criminals escape, Gomer accidentally drops Christmas lights from the roof- and as they shatter below, the men stop; thinking they have machine guns.


  • Nothing on the roof top makes sense. When Barney and Gomer are looking over the side of the courthouse building, how can there be an alley where there is no room? The court-house and Floyd's are attached to each other, so where's the alley? What the camera was looking at was the space between Foley's and the hotel.
  • This is the second time Gomer is deputized, the first being in High Noon in Mayberry. This is the first time Gomer appears in a deputy uniform, which he will wear every time he is deputized after this.
  • Jim Nabors says that he still has a picture of himself, Andy, and Barney during the shooting of this episode to remind him of how Andy helped his acting career.


Barney: Here at the Rock we have two basic rules. Memorize them so you can say them in your sleep! Rule Number One: obey all rules! Secondly, do not write on the it takes a lot of erase of walls.

Andy: (to Gomer) Why don't you clean up these light bulbs here. We can use them next Christmas. And take that gun out of your mouth!


Behind the ScenesEdit

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