The Bed Jacket


Original airdate
December 17, 1962
Directed by
Written by


Aunt Bee wants a pretty bed jacket for her birthday.


Aunt Bee drops hints that she would like a lacy bed jacket for her upcoming birthday, but Andy doesn't catch on. After giving her a set of salt and pepper shakers and two cases of canning jars, Andy realizes he's let his aunt down and rushes back to the store. The bed jacket, however, has been sold to Mayor Stoner. Dragging him out of bed, Andy begs the mayor to make a trade. Knowing he has Andy over a barrel, Stoner asks for Andy's favorite fishing pole, "Eagle Eye Annie."


  • Mayor Stoner's house is the same home that sits directly next to the Taylor's house. It is also the same house as the "Rimshaw House". In film, it is the same structure that was used for Aunt Pitty Pat's house in Gone With The Wind (1939).
  • Mrs. Lukens the shop keeper in this episode is played by Mary Lansing, who is best known as Emmett Clark's wife Martha on The Andy Griffith Show and Mayberry RFD.
  • After opening her gift, Aunt Bee uses the phone and talks to Sara, she asks for Mrs. Johnson, the other name sometimes used for Clara Edwards.


Opie: “Pa… It’s not here.”
Andy: “I know, I know, I sold it to the mayor.”
Opie: “You sold it!? But you said you’d never sell it.”
Andy: “No not quite. I said I kept it because it gave me so much enjoyment, and that I wouldn’t sell it for money… and I didn’t sell it for money. I just kinda swapped it for a different kind of enjoyment, so old Eagle-Eye Annie is doing what she always did before, even right now she’s giving me pleasure, reallll heartwarming pleasure.”


Behind the Scenes/Promo ImageEdit

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