The Arrest of the Fun Girls


Original Airdate
April 5, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Andy and Barney hope Helen and Thelma Lou won't find out they've had to arrest The Fun Girls.


Andy and Barney have to break a date with Helen Crump and Thelma Lou because of work but panic sets in when the Fun Girls, Daphne and Skippy, drop in to see 'Doll' (Andy) and 'Bernie' (Barney). Rather than just be up front with their girlfriends, Andy and Barney set up an elaborate plan where Barney will stay at the courthouse with the girls and Andy will go meet Helen and Thelma Lou. It doesn't quite work however and the girlfriends walk into the Courthouse to find the boys and the fun girls apparently having a party. It takes awhile for them to eventually convince their girlfriends that they weren't cheating. Having patched things up, they all go out together but have a bit of a surprise when they get back to Andy's house.


  • This episode is the final appearance of the fun girls.
  • Andy and Barney had a double date with Helen and Thelma Lou but had to cancel because of a state wide conference call.

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