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This is a list of characters whose names are mentioned in dialogue, but who do not actually appear on The Andy Griffith Show.




  • Carter French (Andy Saves Gomer, The Big House): Works at the fire house and is having a boiled dinner and Cribbage (in Andy Saves Gomer). Also reports seeing two men who are suspected of being partners of the two prisoners (in The Big House). Not to be confused with Carter French, a friend of Opie.
  • Cecil Gurney (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): A friend of Andy. He apparently has two sets of false teeth and won't admit it.
  • Charlie Deveraux: husband of Mrs. Deveraux. Barney says he isn't good-looking
  • Charlie Eavers (One-Punch Opie): A friend of Andy's who rented his house on Grove St.
  • Charlie Phelps (Barney's Sidecar): A local painter/artist in town who copies the Sheriff's logo onto Barney's new motorcycle.
  • Charlie Varney (Hot Rod Otis): Otis sells his car to Charlie
  • Clark Cooper (Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau): Clara's boyfriend of 5 years
  • Clint (Three Wishes for Opie) : Works at the post office.
  • Cornelia (The Cow Thief): Tate Fletcher's wife.
  • Craig Fulton (Opie's Job): Floyd has trouble with his hair
  • Claude Beamon, Sr. (The Family Visit): 4 generations, all going to church together
  • Claude Beamon, Jr. (The Family Visit): 4 generations, all going to church together
  • Claudette Beamon (The Family Visit): 4 generations, all going to church together
  • Plain Claude Beamon (The Family Visit): 4 generations, all going to church together






  • Halcyon Loretta Winslow (The Darling Baby): Barney could have gotten engaged to her but he thought she was ugly.
  • Hannah Lou Smith (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): Ernest T. Bass broke windows in her greenhouse
  • Harley: (Andy's Vacation) Andy is on the phone with him. He has dammed up "Snake Skin Creek".
  • Harry Blake (Howard the Comedian) President of the Elks Lodge.
  • Harper family (Opie's Job): Otis got drunk and drove his car through their rose garden.
  • Harvey Willick (The Farmer Takes a Wife): Harvey runs a shoe store and needed a clerk.
  • Herb Crowley (Andy Forecloses): Has old porch furniture for the rummage sale.
  • Herb Mason (Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor): Andy's friend from Raleigh, who calls and offers him a detective job.
  • Hog Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass)
  • Hogette Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass): Hog Winslow's daughter. Ernest T. hit her in the head with a rock. Her name is French.
  • Hoadie Snitch (Opie and the Bully): Andy's childhood bully.
  • Hubacher brothers
  • Hugo Hopfleisch - (Andy's Vacation) An old German soldier that Barney looks up to, Barney also got some information on how to shine shoes properly from him.



  • Karen Faulker (Opie's Newspaper): Fell down and hurt her new at the Elm St. park.
  • Katherine Palmer (Opie's Rival): She is a friend of Aunt Bee




  • Nat Pike (Quiet Sam): Opie's 4 year old friend who claims a penny hit by lightening is worth 6 cents
  • Nathan Tibbs (A Plaque for Mayberry) A revolutionary war hero.
  • Nelvin (The Rumor): Andy talked to Nelvin on the phone. He had put up disease signs on his property to scare away peddlers. Andy said: "Now take down them disease signs, Nelvin."



  • Pete Dooley (The Big House): His truck splashed mud on Mrs.Fletcher
  • Phoebe Gilbert (Opie's Fortune) Barney took out Phoebe once, to "Blue View" restaurant. She has a sister named Limley Gilbert who works at the beauty shop.
  • Purcell Branch (Citizen's Arrest): Tyler Branch's father. He was arrested for disturbing the peace.





  • Uncle Nat (The Loaded Goat): Otis (who is drunk) mistakes the goat for his uncle.



  • Wadey Huff (The Cow Thief) A farmer who, like Tate Fletcher, has his cows stolen.
  • Wayne Devereaux (Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee): Keeps a picture of Myrna Loy in his pocket.
  • Wendall (The Mayberry Band)
  • Widow Bradshaw (Malcolm at the Crossroads): Ernest T. Bass didn't like her
  • Widow Saunders (Opie's Newspaper): Fred Henry claimed that she was dating a dish towel salesman from Raleigh. He took her to the Half-Moon Roadhouse, where they sat on the same side of the booth and ate New York cut steaks.
  • Wilbur Hennessey (Stranger in Town): Got drunk and fell out of room 209
  • Wilton Blair (Barney's Physical): Barney met Thelma Lou at his funeral in 1960.

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