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This is a list of characters whose names are mentioned in dialogue, but who do not actually appear on The Andy Griffith Show.









  • Halcyon Loretta Winslow (The Darling Baby): Barney could have gotten engaged to her but he thought she was ugly.
  • Hannah Lou Smith (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): Ernest T. Bass broke windows in her greenhouse
  • Harley: (Andy's Vacation) Andy is on the phone with him. He has dammed up "Snake Skin Creek".
  • Harry Blake (Howard the Comedian) President of the Elks Lodge.
  • Harper family (Opie's Job): Otis got drunk and drove his car through their rose garden.
  • Harvey Willick (The Farmer Takes a Wife): Harvey runs a shoe store and needed a clerk.
  • Herb Crowley (Andy Forecloses): Has old porch furniture for the rummage sale.
  • Herb Mason (Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor): Andy's friend from Raleigh, who calls and offers him a detective job.
  • Hog Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass)
  • Hogette Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass): Hog Winslow's daughter. Ernest T. hit her in the head with a rock. Her name is French.
  • Hoadie Snitch (Opie and the Bully): Andy's childhood bully.
  • Hubacher brothers
  • Hugo Hopfleisch - (Andy's Vacation) An old German soldier that Barney looks up to, Barney also got some information on how to shine shoes properly from him.



  • Karen Faulker (Opie's Newspaper): Fell down and hurt her new at the Elm St. park.
  • Katherine Palmer (Opie's Rival): She is a friend of Aunt Bee




  • Nat Pike (Quiet Sam): Opie's 4 year old friend who claims a penny hit by lightening is worth 6 cents
  • Nate Bracey (Class Reunion) One of Andy and Barney's Classmates. Has the most musical sounding names and took cha-cha-cha lessons with his wife.
  • Nathan Tibbs (A Plaque for Mayberry) A revolutionary war hero.
  • Nelvin (The Rumor): Andy talked to Nelvin on the phone. He had put up disease signs on his property to scare away peddlers. Andy said: "Now take down them disease signs, Nelvin."



  • Pete Dooley (The Big House): His truck splashed mud on Mrs.Fletcher
  • Phoebe Gilbert (Opie's Fortune) Barney took out Phoebe once, to "Blue View" restaurant. She has a sister named Limley Gilbert who works at the beauty shop.
  • Purcell Branch (Citizen's Arrest): Tyler Branch's father. He was arrested for disturbing the peace.





  • Uncle Ollie (The Family Visit) Andy's uncle, married to his Aunt Nora. Used to play baseball with Andy and claims he taught Andy "everything he knows".
  • Uncle Nat (The Loaded Goat): Otis (who is drunk) mistakes the goat for his uncle.



  • Wadey Huff (The Cow Thief) A farmer who, like Tate Fletcher, has his cows stolen.
  • Wayne Devereaux (Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee): Keeps a picture of Myrna Loy in his pocket.
  • Wendall (The Mayberry Band)
  • Widow Bradshaw (Malcolm at the Crossroads): Ernest T. Bass didn't like her
  • Widow Saunders (Opie's Newspaper): Fred Henry claimed that she was dating a dish towel salesman from Raleigh. He took her to the Half-Moon Roadhouse, where they sat on the same side of the booth and ate New York cut steaks.
  • Wilbur Hennessey (Stranger in Town): Got drunk and fell out of room 209
  • Wilton Blair (Barney's Physical): Barney met Thelma Lou at his funeral in 1960.

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