Andy Griffith LP
Songs, Themes and Laughs from The Andy Griffith Show is a vinyl LP that was released by Capitol Records in 1961 to promote the TV series The Andy Griffith Show. Songs are performed by Andy Griffith. The album includes several themes composed for the series by Earle Hagen. It was released in CD format April 3, 2000.

Track ListingEdit

  • 1. The Andy Griffith Theme
  • 2. Jack, The Giant Killer
  • 3. Flop Eared Mule
  • 4. Ellie's Theme
  • 5. Sourwood Mountain
  • 6. The Man Hunt
  • 7. "The Fishin' Hole" (lyrics by Everett Sloane)
  • 8. Aunt Bee
  • 9. The New River Train
  • 10. Mayberry March
  • 11. Cindy
  • 12. Barney's Hoe Down

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