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"Sheriff Without a Gun" was an article about Andy entitled 'Sheriff Without a Gun' which appeared in the magazine Law and Order. Hollywood soon came calling with a proposal to do a television series based on his exploits. However when the production company arrived, Andy realized they were more interested in the towns assets and not his story.

The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 5Edit

TV or Not TV-

After Andy is profiled in a national sheriff's magazine as the Sheriff Without A Gun, a television production team comes to town to research a possible TV show about Mayberry's sheriff department. Andy suspects something's up when the production people begin spending more time interested in the Mayberry Security Bank vault than the actual plot idea of the film.

Season 6Edit

Off to Hollywood-

Andy is as surprised when he receives a check from a Hollywood production company for a $1000. They're offering him that amount for the rights to make a movie of his exploits based on a magazine article, Sheriff Without a Gun, that had appeared the year before (TV or Not TV). Andy wants keep this all quiet and just put the money in the bank but as Goober and Floyd know about his windfall, he soon finds that all of Mayberry is atwitter. Helen suggests that Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee should set off for Hollywood for a bit of a holiday. Andy reluctantly agrees and is just as happy to leave given all of the hoopla that is around him.

The Taylors in Hollywood-

The Taylors arrive in Hollywood and meet the production team that is making the movie 'Sheriff Without A Gun'.

The Hollywood Party-

After Helen gets upset about a publicity picture of Andy and a pretty actress from the movie, Andy tries to get back at Helen by going on a date with the actress. When Helen calls to apologize, Opie tells her about the date.

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