Season 5 of The Andy Griffith Show aired on September 21, 1964.

Season 5 OverviewEdit

In The Andy Griffith Show's fifth season, Opie (Ronny Howard) buys silk stockings for an older woman, and publishes all of Mayberry's gossip in a scandal sheet. Sheriff Andy Taylor (Griffith) is accused of gross malfeasance. A former beau of Aunt Bee's tries to shake Andy down for $400. Bee herself (Frances Bavier) is a victim of a carny purse-snatching ring. And recidivists Otis (Hal Smith) and Ernest T. (Howard Morris) continue their drinking and rock-throwing unabated. As Bee wails in "Banjo-Playing Deputy," "What's this world coming to?" Not to worry. This is, after all, Mayberry, and Andy still has the patience, understanding and country smarts to restore calm and order. In "TV or Not TV," he sees through bank robbers (led by Gavin MacLeod) posing as a Hollywood film crew. In "Opie and the Carnival," he takes aim at two crooked barkers who have rigged a sharpshooting game. As the sheriff of Mayberry, much of his time is spent bailing out his hapless deputy, Barney Fife (Don Knotts). In "Barney's Uniform," Andy recruits a judo instructor to stand in when Barney is threatened by a disgruntled citizen.

Season 5 marked two notable lasts for this beloved series, which never fell below the Top Seven in the ratings. This was the last season in black and white. More devastating, it was multi-Emmy-winner Knotts' last season as Barney Fife. By the penultimate episode, "Opie and the Carnival," he is just gone, an unceremonious departure for an iconic character so integral to the show's success. That "Banjo-Playing Deputy" in the season finale is Jerry Van Dyke, who might have been a worthy replacement for Knotts. Instead, he reportedly turned down the role to star in his own sitcom, My Mother, the Car. The rest is TV infamy. By this time, though, The Andy Griffith Show's best years were behind it. But this season contains at least two classics, "Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor," in which Barney is sheriff for a day while Andy interviews for a job in Raleigh, and "The Case of the Punch in the Nose," in which Barney reopens an unresolved 1946 case involving Floyd the Barber and Charley Foley. And with episodes featuring the late Howard Morris' Ernest T. ("The Education of Ernest T. Bass"), the Darling family ("The Darling Baby"), Mt. Pilot "fun girls" Skippy and Daphne ("The Arrest of the Fun Girls"), and a guest star turn by Don Rickles ("The Luck of Newton Monroe").


# Image Title Airdate
01 Opieloveshelen34 Opie Loves Helen September 21, 1964
Opie has a crush on his teacher Helen Crump and buys her a pair of stockings.
02 Barneys Physical Barney's Physical September 28, 1964
On Barney's fifth anniversary with the sheriff's department, Andy learns that Barney's job is in jeopardy when the state passes new height and weight requirements.
03 Family99 The Family Visit October 5, 1964
The Taylors find that a visit from relatives comes with complications.
04 ERnest3 The Education of Ernest T. Bass October 12, 1964
Ernest returns to school to win a girl's affection.
05 BeeRo1 Aunt Bee's Romance October 19, 1964
Andy dislikes Aunt Bee's old boyfriend Roger Hanover.
06 Bllue Barney's Bloodhound October 26, 1964
Barney tries to train a dog to do police work.
07 ManMidd Man in the Middle November 2, 1964
Barney and Thelma Lou have an argument. They reconcile quickly, but it leads to other arguments between Andy and Barney, Thelma Lou and Helen, Andy and Helen, and another between Barney and Thelma Lou.
08 Uniform3 Barney's Uniform November 9, 1964
When a tough guy threatens to beat up Barney if he catches him out of uniform, Barney begins to wear the uniform all the time.
09 Fort1 Opie's Fortune November 16, 1964
Opie finds a change purse with $50 in it.
10 GBsheriff Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor November 23, 1964
Andy considers taking a job in Raleigh, and lets Barney take over as sheriff for a day to prepare him for the office.
11 Pa3 The Pageant November 30, 1964
Aunt Bee auditions for the role of Lady Mayberry in the town pageant.
12 DarlingBaby032 The Darling Baby December 7, 1964
The musical Darling family descends upon Mayberry again. This time they are looking for a husband for Charlene's new baby daughter.
13 Andy and helen day Andy and Helen Have Their Day December 14, 1964
Andy and Helen go on a picnic but are plagued by constant interruptions from Barney, Goober and others.
14 3wishes4opie105 Three Wishes for Opie December 21, 1964
Barney buys a fortune-telling game and lets Opie try it out.
15 OtisSues Otis Sues the County December 28, 1964
After Otis slips in the courthouse, a lawyer convinces him to sue the county.
16 BarneyRealtor Barney Fife, Realtor January 4, 1965
Barney decides to try his hand at the real estate business.
17 Goobertakecarapart Goober Takes a Car Apart January 11, 1965
Goober assembles a car in the courthouse.
18 Rod4MAIN The Rehabilitation of Otis January 18, 1965
Barney tries to rehabilitate Otis after he rides a cow, thinking it is a horse. Barney arrests Otis when it happens again, even using handcuffs. Otis leaves town and vows to never return.
19 The Lucky Letter095 The Lucky Letter January 25, 1965
Barney regrets throwing away a chain letter.
20 GooberARt1 Goober and the Art of Love February 1, 1965
When Andy and Barney get tired of Goober tagging along on their dates, they decide to try teaching him how to act around women and then get him to ask a girl on a date. It proves to be quite a project.
21 BarneySheriff Barney Runs for Sheriff February 8, 1965
Andy misses the filing deadline for the election.
22 IfIhadQuarter If I Had a Quarter Million February 15, 1965
Barney finds $250,000 from a bank heist, then goes undercover to find the robber.
23 TVorNOTtv TV or Not TV March 1, 1965
Bank robbers posing as TV producers come to Mayberry.
24 GuestHouse Guest in the House March 8, 1965
An old friend of Andy's comes to visit and Helen grows jealous.
25 Caseofthepunchinnose The Case of the Punch in the Nose March 15, 1965
Barney feeds the flames of a quarrel.
26 OpiesNewspaper Opie's Newspaper March 22, 1965
Opie prints some unsavory gossip in his newspaper.
27 AuntBeeBeau Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau March 29, 1965
Aunt Bee tells Andy she's dating the butter and egg man.
28 ArrestFungirls038 The Arrest of the Fun Girls April 5, 1965
Andy and Barney hope Helen and Thelma Lou won't find out they've had to arrest The Fun Girls.
29 LuckNewton The Luck of Newton Monroe April 12, 1965
A new man in town is an oaf.
30 OpieFlunks Opie Flunks Arithmetic April 19, 1965
Andy wants Opie to improve his study habits.
31 OpieCarnival065 Opie and the Carnival April 26, 1965
Opie wants to win a prize at a shooting gallery.
32 Banjo2 Banjo-Playing Deputy May 3, 1965
Andy hires an unemployed musician.

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