The Andy Griffith Show returned with their third season on October 1, 1962.

Season OverviewEdit

The Andy Griffith Show hits its stride during the third season, (1962-63). Andy Griffith perfects his level-headed portrayal of Sheriff Andy Taylor; Don Knotts is unsurpassed as the comically neurotic, and best-loved Deputy Barney Fife; and Ron Howard continues his legendary run as Opie Taylor. The season opens with the endearing episode, "Mr. McBeevee", introducing Opie's friend in the trees, who Andy and Barney both believe to be a figment of Opie's imagination. From there, every episode is a renowned classic, e.g. "Floyd the Gay Deceiver", starring the dashing Howard McNear as Floyd Lawson, the best, and only barber in Mayberry; "Andy and Opie Bachelors", offering some of the season's greatest quips; and "The Darlings Are Coming," that crazy clan of mountain musicians, consisting of The Dillards, and the young, beautiful and overtly flirtatious, Charlene Darling, played by the very talented Maggie Peterson, and the patriarch of the family, Briscoe Darling, portrayed perfectly by the legendary Denver Pyle. The season is acclaimed for introducing several new, recurring characters into the cast, including Jim Nabors, as our beloved Gomer Pyle, Joanna Moore, as "Miss Peggy", and the future Mrs. Andy Taylor, Helen Crump, played by Aneta Corsaut. Don't miss the season highlight, "Man in a Hurry," a touching story in which Malcolm Tucker, played to perfection by Robert Emhardt, delivers the now-famous summation of life in the small town of Mayberry: "Outrageous… a whole town is standing still because two old women's feet fall asleep!" This is one of the reasons why this beloved sitcom remains a timeless treasure.


# Image Title Airdate
01 MrMcBe Mr. McBeevee October 1, 1962
Opie starts talking about his new friend Mr. McBeevee, but his description is hard to believe.
02 RichGF Andy's Rich Girlfriend October 8, 1962
Andy has a rich girlfriend who accuses him of being a snob.
03 NewMayor Andy and the New Mayor October 15, 1962
Mayberry's new mayor doesn't like Andy or the way he does his job.
04 And opie bachelors kitchen mess MAIN infbox Andy and Opie Bachelors October 22, 1962
Aunt Bee leaves town for a few days, leaving Andy and Opie to take care of themselves. When Peggy volunteers to cook for them, Floyd tries to convince Andy that she is trying to catch a husband.
05 Theif The Cow Thief October 29, 1962
The mayor calls in an investigator from the state capital to help solve a string of cow thefts.
06 Mend3Main Barney Mends a Broken Heart November 5, 1962
Andy has a tantrum when Peggy entertains a friend from out of town.
07 Law3 Lawman Barney November 12, 1962
Barney confronts two farmers selling produce illegally.
08 BandMain The Mayberry Band November 19, 1962
Mayberry's town band is the worst in the state and Mayor Stoner refuses to allow them to go to the state capital to preform.
09 MGrayson Floyd the Gay Deceiver October 1, 1962
Floyd tries to impress his pen pal Madeline Grayson by posing as a wealthy man.
10 Rival1 Opie's Rival December 3, 1962
Andy's new girlfriend is the new county nurse named Peggy. Everyone likes her except Opie, who is jealous of all the time they spend together.
11 Convicts Convicts-at-Large December 10, 1962
Barney and Floyd run out of gas while coming home from a fishing trip. They find while looking for a telephone and are captured by three female escaped convicts.
12 JacketMAIN The Bed Jacket December 17, 1962
Aunt Bee wants a pretty bed jacket for her birthday.
13 Bank job barney main page pic The Bank Job December 24, 1962
Barney demonstrates the bank's vulnerability to robberies.
14 OnePunchOpie One-Punch Opie December 31, 1962
A new boy in town causes trouble.
15 BarneyAndTheGovernor (179) Barney and the Governor January 7, 1963
Barney issues a citation when the governor's chauffeur parks in a no parking zone.
16 Manhurry Man in a Hurry January 14, 1963
A motorist becomes frustrated with Mayberry's simple, relaxed ways.
17 HighNoon4MAIN High Noon in Mayberry January 21, 1963
A man Andy put behind bars returns to Mayberry.
18 Goat The Loaded Goat January 28, 1963
Andy and Barney devise a plan to save a dynamite-eating goat.
19 ClassReun Class Reunion February 4, 1963
Andy meets an old girlfriend at his high school reunion.
20 RafeMAIN Rafe Hollister Sings February 11, 1963
Rafe Hollister represents Mayberry at a formal musical event.
21 Spoliled1 Opie and the Spoiled Kid February 18, 1963
Opie's work ethic is corrupted by a spoiled friend.
22 Robb1 The Great Filling Station Robbery February 25, 1963
Andy suspects young Jimmy Morgan is robbing Wally's Filling Station.
23 Andydiscoversamerica Andy Discovers America March 4, 1963
Andy gets into hot water with Opie's new teacher Helen Crump.
24 MedMan23 Aunt Bee's Medicine Man March 11, 1963
Colonel Harvey, a traveling medicine man comes to Mayberry and captivates Aunt Bee.
25 DarlingsareComing The Darlings Are Coming March 18, 1963
The musical mountain family descends upon Mayberry.
26 Valet Andy's English Valet March 25, 1963
An Englishman works off a fine by acting as Andy's valet.
27 CarMAIN Barney's First Car April 1, 1963
An elderly con woman sells Barney a car.
28 Rivals The Rivals April 8, 1963
Opie falls in love with Thelma Lou.
29 Wife2 A Wife for Andy April 15, 1963
Barney plays matchmaker for Andy.
30 DogsMAIN Dogs, Dogs, Dogs April 22, 1963
The courthouse is overrun with dogs.
31 Andy7 Mountain Wedding April 29, 1963
Ernest Bass makes his intentions known to Charlene Darling.
32 TheBigHouse1 The Big House May 6, 1963
When the Mayberry jail is called upon to lodge two hold-up men captured by the state police, Barney finds himself with more than he can handle.

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