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Sam Becker
Full Name Samuel W. Becker
Occupation Farmer
First Episode Quiet Sam
Last Episode Quiet Sam
Spin-off Appearances N/A
Family N/A
Spouse Lily
Romances N/A
Children Andy Becker
Portrayed by William Schallert

Sam Becker is a quiet farmer who has been living 6 months at the Old Burch Place with his expecting wife. When Barney's attempts to get a little information out of Sam fail, Barney becomes convinced that something shady is going on at the Becker farm. Barney finds that Sam has bought an unusual amount of medical supplies, which makes his imagination run even wilder. He even suspects Sam of growing marijuana. Barney eventually gets Andy Taylor involved and it turns out that Sam stays so close to home because his wife Lily is expecting. After Andy helps deliver the baby, Sam names the baby Andy Becker after Andy.

Sam was in Korea during the War.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

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