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Rafe Hollister Sings


Original airdate
February 11, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Rafe Hollister represents Mayberry at a formal musical event.


Rafe Hollister makes his singing debut when he decides to audition for an upcoming concert. Some of the locals are appalled after John Masters chooses Rafe for the solo performance. Andy stands by his man, and Rafe gets raves.


  • Rafe sings two traditional folk songs, "Look Down That Lonesome Road" and "New River Train".  
  • The episode marks the final appearances of Mayor Stoner, played by Parley Baer and Rafe Hollister played by Jack Prince.
  • Rafe's kitchen is actually the same set used for Aunt Bee's. Instead of the door leading to the living room, there is a curtain hanging in its place. You can also see the same trellis work on the porch through the back door, and most of the appliances are in the same spot.


  • Opie: "You got an organ stuck in your throat Barney?"
  • Barney: (snapping and singing) "Acapella. . . Acapella"


Andy and Barney Explain A Capella01:54

Andy and Barney Explain A Capella

A Capella!

Rafe Hollister Look Down that Lonesome Road02:36

Rafe Hollister Look Down that Lonesome Road

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