Not to be confused with Deputy Otis

Original Airdate

December 12, 1966

Plot Otis and Howard try to rescue Andy when he is held captive by two desperate bank robbers on the run.


  • In the scene where Andy gets captured the first time, when he trips over Otis's liquor bottles, you can clearly see that the actor who falls is not Andy Griffith, but a double, probably a stuntman.
  • The bank robbers are camped out in the old Carson shack.
  • This is the last episode where Otis Campbell appeared. He would later be seen in the TV movie "Return to Mayberry" however.


Otis (when he and Howard are getting into the car): "I'll drive. Where do ya keep your steering wheel?"

Howard: "Otis, I'm driving."

Otis: "All right, I'll work the handbrake."



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