Oscar Fields
Mr Fields
Full Name Oscar Fields
Occupation Career criminal/swindler
First Episode Up in Barney's Room
Last Episode Up in Barney's Room
Spin-off Appearances
Spouse Almost Mrs. Mendelbright
Romances Mrs. Mendelbright
Portrayed by J. Pat O'Malley

Oscar Fields is an out-of-townee, who takes a room in Mrs. Mendelbright's apartments. Eventually, Barney and Andy figure out that Oscar is nothing but a con-man, wanted for bigamy, extortion and a slue of other crimes. His latest target was Mrs. Mendelbright, whom he was trying to steal money from. He goes as far as to ask her hand in marriage. She accepts his offer and per his request to get her savings from the bank, she obliges. Mrs. Mendelbright, drunk off hard cider, doesn't notice when Oscar snatches her pocket book from the coffee table and quickly heads outside to get away. Andy and Barney are there to catch him before he can escape.

He is caught just in time- before he leaves with $3,600 dollars of Mrs. Mendelbright's money. He is portrayed by J. Pat O'Malley.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 4-


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