Original Airdate

March 18, 1968


Mike Jones is being bullied at school and Opie helps smooth things out and becomes Mike's best friend until a little girl moves in next door to the Taylor's and becomes the new focus of Opie's attention.


This episode focuses on introducing Sam's boy; Mike, who becomes attatched to Opie when he gets a school bully off his back. The two become best friends dispite the age difference, untill a new family moves in next door and has a little girl named Heather that's close to Opies age. When Opie wants to start doing things with her, Mike takes a back seat until he discovers that Heather has a little sister named Claudia thats just about his age.

Now that Opie has made friends with Heather and has spent a day or 2 doing things with her, he feels it would be a good idea to again play with Mike, but now Mike is busy showing little Claudia around town and now Opie has been shown where the back seat is...

The house next door that the new family moves into next to the Taylor's is also the old Rimshaw house  used in the haunted house episode, and was also used as Mrs. Wileys house where Earnest T Bass proved his manners, and also served as Mayor Stoners house



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