Opie Flunks Arithmetic


Original Airdate
April 19, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Andy wants Opie to improve his study habits.


When Helen tells Andy Opie isn't doing too well in math, he's pretty relaxed about it. She recommends that Opie should do a bit more homework and he agrees. Barney however thinks Andy's attitude is completely off base. He starts talking about how the boy may not get into college and the like and get Aunt Bee all worried. Soon, Andy is just as stressed and he tells Opie to buckle down and cut out the play time. Helen soon reports to him that since they last spoke of the boy, he is actually doing much worse and not only in math. Andy can't understand since he's been quite strict with the boy who has done nothing but study. Helen suggests that that may just be the problem.


  • This was the last episode with Don Knotts as a series regular, and his last black and white appearance.
  • Barney's uncle knew a plumber for the FBI.


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