Opie Finds a Baby


Original Airdate
November 21, 1966
Directed by
Written by


Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby. They run into trouble when they innocently try to find it some new parents.



  • Actor Jack Nicholson plays the role of Mr. Garland. This was the first of two appearances for Jack. He would go on to also play Marvin Jenkins in "Aunt Bee The Juror" the next season.
  • Since the Taylor kitchen back door is now on the back wall and not the wall that shares the sink, the whole configuration of the back porch is different. It is now on the back of the house, no longer on the side. The porch is smaller and more square and no longer has the washing machine or the stand up freezer on it.
  • Arnold states (and Opie later repeats) that a baby from birth to college costs $26,000 (in 1966). The same child in 2015, according to CNN Money Watch, costs $233,610 (almost 10 times more).



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