Opie's Rival


Original airdate
December 3, 1962
Directed by
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Andy's new girlfriend is the new county nurse named Peggy. Everyone likes her except Opie, who is jealous of all the time they spend together.


Believing that Peg is stealing away Andy's affections, a jealous Opie is beside himself when his Pa invites Peggy to go fishing with them. Thus, Opie feigns several illnesses to keep Peggy and Andy apart. Eventually Opie tells Andy the truth; yet instead of getting angry, Andy understands where Opie is coming from and gives him one of his famous father/son talks.


  • This is Peggy's final appearance in the series.
  • Opie is said to be 8 years-old and actually was. Ron Howard was born in March 1954.
  • Joanna Moore (Peggy) was dropped after four appearances because producers felt she was "too glamorous" for Mayberry.
  • The first scene with Andy and Opie in the boat, Opie catches a live large fish. After Andy unhooks the fish he puts it in a cloth sack that is hanging off the side of boat. You can hear the fish hit the water, meaning it was released back. Or else it was just dropped into the sack which was in the water to keep it alive until they returned left.


Andy: What's the matter, don't you like worms?
Peggy: Yuk.
Andy: Well let me find you a nice big one. Oh ooh, lookit that. aint he a beaut? You like it? (as he shoves it in her face)
Peggy: I like it. (as she pulls away)
Andy: He likes you. Look at him grin at you. ( shoves it closer to her face)
Peggy: I like it!
Andy: Well say "hello".
Peggy: HELLO!


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