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Opie's Job


Original Airdate
September 13, 1965
Directed by
Written by


Opie competes for a job delivering groceries, and then discovers that his rival needs the job more.


Opie wrecks and damages his bike (and tears his pants) riding his bicycle no-handed showing off for Sharon Porter.

It comes at a bad time as Andy is in a foul mood after a bad day at the sheriff's office. After a lecture on the importance of thrift and how hard it is to earn money, Opie begins looking for a job.

Aunt Bee tells him that Mr Oakes (what happened to Mr Foley?) at the grocery is looking for a delivery boy. On Saturday morning he arrives at the same time as a new boy named Billy. They get a week to compete for the job, with a warning that this job will mean no baseball this summer.

After a close competition watched carefully by the townspeople, Opie wins the job.

He learns that BIlly needed the job to pay off some bills his family's accumulated as his father is sick.

Opie asks if he can play baseball which results in his losing the job.

At first Andy is furious, but when he learns why Opie got himself fired he is justifiably proud.


  • This is the first episode aired in color.
  • It is also the first not to have any announcements of the show or the show's stars by Colin Male.


"You know, when I was telling Floyd and Goober what a fine boy you are, that wasn't really right. You're a man."


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