Opie's Girlfriend


Original Airdate
September 12, 1966
Mentioned Characters
Doctor Anderson

Blake boy

Cosgrove boy
Directed by
Written by


Opie's friendship with an athletically superior girl blossoms when she follows the advice of an older female and adopts the clinging vine approach.



  • Opie reminds Andy of the time he was forced to go to a school dance. This is a reference to Look Paw, I'm Dancing.
  • Opie is class president.
  • Goober makes friends with a skunk just like Gomer did in Private Ralph Skunk.
  • Town layout inconsistancies: Opie and Cynthia go out to play where she does a better cartwheel than Opie in Opie's front yard. They then have a short foot race that only seems to be 2 houses down toward downtown square. At the end of the race they are standing there by the finish line and Goober calls to them, to come over which suggests they are almost there. They arrive at the filling station, which seems to be on the same side of the street that Andy's house is on. This would suggest that the filling station is only 1 or 2 plots of land east of townsquare and 1 or 2 plots of land west from Andy's house. In previous episodes, Barney is also seen walking to the filling station from Andy's house for a bottle of pop and arrives on foot coming from the same direction Opie and Cynthia arrive from in this episode. The inconsistancy is that the filling station is always seen far outside of town along a long tree-lined dirt road with no other buildings in eyesight from it.


Aunt Bea to Andy: "Well did you find out anything?"

Andy: "It was Cynthia who hit him."

Aunt Bea: "Cynthia? I dont understand. Why?"

Andy: "She took a pass away from him."

Aunt Bea: "Well it was hardly a reason to....."

Andy: "It was interference!"


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