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Opie's Fortune

OPie's fortune with wallet

Original airdate
November 16, 1964
Directed by
Written by


Opie finds a man's change purse with $50 in it.


Opie finds a man's purse containing $50 inside (or about $370 adjusted for inflation). When he tells his pa, Andy puts it away for safekeeping, telling Opie if no one claims it within a week, the money is his. Opie's patience is rewarded, and he buys a new fishing pole. When Opie returns to the courthouse to show it off, Barney and Andy are gone, but the owner of the purse finally shows up. Opie realizes he must give the money back and leaves to get the money together. Andy misunderstands Opie's intentions and thinks Opie is on a shopping spree with the money. Andy scolds him but quickly has a change of heart when he realizes that Opie was trying to return the money to its rightful owner.



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