Full Name Ollie
First Episode The Family Visit
Last Episode The Family Visit
Spin-off Appearances
Family Aunt Bee Taylor (Sister-in-Law)
Spouse Nora
Children Sons, Roger and Bruce
Portrayed by James Westerfield

Ollie is married to Aunt Bee's sister Nora. Ollie is the Uncle to Andy Taylor, and Great-Uncle to Opie Taylor. He has two kids, Roger and Bruce. He is portrayed by James Westerfield.

They arrive in Mayberry for a visit, but quickly begin to wear out their welcome. Driving Andy a bit crazy at work, taking the squad car to do some fishing, when a call comes in that there are convicts at large, Andy spins the story to make it seem as though the criminals are headed straight to Mayberry. Spooked, Ollie packs up his family and leaves for home.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Season 5-


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