"You ain't seen the last of Ernest T. Bass!"
―Ernest T.
Mountain Wedding


Original airdate
April 29, 1963
Directed by
Written by


Ernest Bass makes his intentions known to Charlene Darling.


Andy and Barney visit The Darlings to rid them of Ernest T. Bass, who has his mind set on marrying Briscoe's daughter Charlene. He continues to be a bother and nuisance through the night, making it nearly impossible for Andy and Barney to get any rest (that and the loud snoring from the Darling boys). The next day, Charlene appears in her wedding gown; Mr. Darling describes Charlene as looking as pretty as her "Maw". Ernest T. Bass however throws another rock through the window with a threatening letter attached to it, and Andy thinks up a plan. Barney wears the wedding dress, with the veil masking his face. When Ernest T. kidnaps what he thinks is Charlene- Charlene hurries out of the bushes and quickly weds Dud Wash.


  • This episode was voted one of the top 10 fan favorite episodes.
  • Howard Morris, making his first appearance as crazed mountain man Ernest T. Bass, was actually an accomplished director and directed many episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.
  • One of the Darling Boys sleeps apart from the other three.
  • A continuity blooper occurs when Andy, Barney, and Briscoe are talking to Ernest T. Facing the camera is Andy on the left, Briscoe in the middle, and Barney on the right. The scene's concluding shot, following a cut-away of Ernest T. retreating into the woods, has Andy and Barney in reversed positions.
  • Briscoe Darling and his boys considered killing Ernest T. Bass, this is one of the few times death or killing is mentioned on the show.
  • According to Maggie Peterson she and Don Knotts both fit into and wore the same white wedding dress.
  • To get to the Darling's house, Andy and Barney must cross the Robert E. Lee Natural Bridge (which is simply where an oak tree fell across a shallow part of the creek).
  • When Ernest T is declaring for Charlene, he brags that he can do 18 chin ups.
  • Before Ernest T interupts Charlene and Dud's wedding, those in attendance at the ceremony sing "Leaning on the everlasting arms".


Barney: Adios amigo!
Briscoe: He one of ours?
Andy: Sure.
Briscoe: More power to ya.

Briscoe: Well we thought about killin' him, kinda hated to go that far.


  • "Dooley"
  • "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms"


Behind the ScenesEdit

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