Mayor Pike
Mayor Pike
Full Name  ? Pike
Occupation Mayor
First Episode The Manhunt
Last Episode The Manicurist
Spin-off Appearances
Children Josephine Pike

Juanita Pike

Portrayed by Dick Elliott

Mayor Pike served as Mayberry's mayor during the first two seasons of The Andy Griffith Show.


The Andy Griffith ShowEdit

Disappearance. Edit

Dick Elliot, the actor who portrayed Mayor Pike, died December 22nd 1961 (midway into Season 2's run and one month before his final episode, The Manicurist, originally aired), resulting in the disappearance of Mayor Pike in the series. However, no explanation was ever given for why he disappeared: it is unknown if he left town, retired, or actually died himself. In any event, he was succeeded by Mayor Roy Stoner beginning with Season 3.


Gallery of Mayor Pike

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