Howie and opie mayberry sun

Copies of the Mayberry Sun.

"Mayberry Sun" is a small paper operated and ran by Opie Taylor and Howie Pruitt printed on a print machine that Howie got for his birthday. After their first failed attempt at creating a newspaper, they printed local town gossip. After Aunt Bee, Andy and Barney discovered the new "Mayberry Sun" they quickly did their best to stop them from being distributed.

School newspaperEdit

  • Karen Faulker fell down at the Elm St. playground chasing Bruce Newdale.
  • Score of baseball game.
  • Troy Bowden got a pear after forgetting his lunch.
  • Maya Lambert will play a raindrop in the school play.

Gossip within the paperEdit

See AlsoEdit


The first round of papers were priced at 3 cents. After Opie and Howie changed their format, they handed out free samples.

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