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"I hate the outdoors. When I go out into the sun, I get the herpes."
Lydia Crosswaithe
Full Name Lydia Crosswaithe
First Episode Barney Mends a Broken Heart
Last Episode Goober and the Art of Love
Spin-off Appearances
Romances Andy Taylor

Goober Pyle

Portrayed by Josie Lloyd

Lydia Crosswaithe is a pretty, but, demure young lady, who is the object of two blind dates in Mayberry. The first is a date with Sheriff Andy Taylor, the second with Goober Pyle. Her personality is one of being a "Debbie Downer". She was portrayed by Josie Lloyd.


  • Lydia works in Mt. Pilot and is friends with Thelma Lou.
  • She doesn't know how to play Bridge.
  • Her name means native of Lydia, in ancient Greece.
  • She is from Greensboro.
  • She hates the guitar, but likes the sax and clarinet.
  • She hates chit-chat.
  • She hates the outdoors, and gets herpes from the sun.
  • Hangs her head out the car window, from getting car sick.


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