Lee Drake was a character who appeared in the season 8 episode "Andy's Trip to Raleigh". She was played by actress Whitney Blake. Lee was a Raleigh attorney who was working a case where a Raleigh resident suffered damages to his vehicle in Mayberry when it was hit by an out-of-control bulldozer (The client was suing the county and the judge in Raleigh re-opened the case).  Lee needed Andy Taylor to travel to Raleigh over the weekend to go over his testimony.


Lee was single, attractive and blond, and apparently very well-to-do.  She owned a nice home in Raleigh with a swimming pool and employed a housekeeper.  Her being an attractive, professional female came as a surprise to Andy once he arrived at her home.  Smitten by her, Andy found it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand and refused to allow himself close contact with her, given his devotion to Helen Crump.  However, his choice to sit away from her resulted in a severe sunburn.  At one point during their work, Andy agreed to borrow a swimsuit and take a swim in her pool, presumably to combat his male feelings.

The next day, after their work was complete, Andy returned to Mayberry (still with his sunburn) and Helen asked about the trip.  Andy explained about Lee, but described her as middle aged and overweight.

Shortly after, Lee arrived at the courthouse needing more information from Andy for the case.  Unfortunately, she arrived as Andy and Helen were preparing to go on a date.  Once Helen met Lee, she confronted Andy about his lie and refused to go on the date. However, later that evening, Andy and Helen made up and Andy promised never to lie to her again.


Season 8-

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